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MINItherm - Modular Fan Coil Units

Modular Fan Coil Units with EC fan motors. Up to 9,500 Litres/Sec.

The unique design of the MINItherm® fan coil range offers the latest double skin construction in a compact air handling unit. The units are available in Horizontal or Vertical configurations making them ideal for ceilings or plant rooms where space is limited.

MINItherm units are purpose-built to enable easy access for servicing and are well suited to projects where performance and value are important. They include high efficiency EC plug fans that can be controlled by MODBUS or 0-10V signal. The fans can run independently or integrated into most building management systems.

The units are constructed with 50mm thick insulated panels that are fitted with the revolutionary AHU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK fastening system. This airtight system includes a synthetic cord and aluminium capping that gives the unit a strong, rigid structure and allows the panels to be removed easily for maintenance and cleaning. AHU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK also provides a high thermal performance which reduces condensation and minimises energy loss. The high quality modular casing construction achieves both the highest degree of air tightness, rating “L1”, and the highest resistance to condensation rating “TB1”, as defined in BS EN 1886:2007.

Low Profile Horizontal

Modular Fan Coil Units | HMEL Range

Features a low height of only 620mm making it ideal for mounting in ceiling spaces.

Plant Room Horizontal

Modular Fan Coil Units | HMEP Range

Features a horizontal configuration and discharge. Suited to floor mounting in a plant room.

Plant Room Vertical

Modular Fan Coil Units | VMEP Range

Features a vertical configuration and discharge. Suited to floor mounting in a plant room where minimum footprint is required.

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