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Trusted Brand

The Air Design brand originated in Queensland in 1980 when mechanical engineer Derick Gattegno began sourcing commercial ventilation products from interstate suppliers and local custom-design manufacturers.

Right from the start the business built its reputation on supplying the highest quality products and employing a skilled team that focused on delivering exceptional customer service and technical support.

In late 1995 Air Design began developing an industry-leading range of Air Handling Units to complement the quality range of Fantech fans and Q-Tech silencers. Three years later they launched the Australian designed and manufactured MODUtherm range of Central Plant Air Handling Units in Sydney. A growing understanding of customer needs followed which resulted in further product development and the addition of the MINItherm range of Compact Air Handling Units and the SM Series Fan Coil Units.

This website is a comprehensive resource that showcases the extensive Air Design range of Air Handling products. It includes MODUtherm Air Handling Units, MINItherm Compact Air Handling Units as well as the SLIMtherm and SM Series Fan Coil Units.

There is also information on the Fantech AirLink integrated VAV system. It combines Air Design Air Handling/Fan Coil Units, Fantech axial fans with Danfoss VSDs and Rickard VAV diffusers.

Air Design Brand
Dedicated customer focus

Dedicated customer focus

The Air Design product range has built its strong reputation on quality products and a highly trained team that is focused on delivering air management solutions. Experienced staff have in-depth knowledge of the product range, their performance capabilities in different environments and suitability in various applications. More importantly, staff are trained to provide this detailed information to customers in a way that is easy to understand so accurate product selections can be made.

Our technical staff are committed to understanding the specifications and requirements of each project and providing the most effective, most suitable high quality solution.

World-class facilities

Air Design products utilise modern technologies that optimise performance and efficiency. This has led to the design and development of some of the most reliable, energy efficient and cost effective air movement solutions on the market.

To ensure the highest standard of air handling and fan coil units is maintained, the Fantech team diligently manage the design, fabrication, prototyping and product testing. These strict quality controls and focus on engineering excellence ensure dependable products with reliable performance are delivered every time. Each product range has been tested for air tightness and casing thermal resistances (as defined in BS EN 1886:2007) in our fully calibrated in-house test rigs.

The Air Design product range utilise technologies such as three-dimensional CAD modelling of physical product. This capability enables the team to assess the air flow performance, noise levels and ease of installation of a new product, and refine it, before significant investments are made in production and market launch.

Sophisticated 3D Revit drawings are available for all Air Design products. When combined with electrical data and air flow rates, the 3D drawings are crucial for architects, engineers and builders in the design and planning process of projects. They are used to create a single digital model of a building which is reviewed well before construction commences to eliminate clashes of components and systems during the building stage and avoid costly remedies that can follow.

The manufacturing process of the Air Design range is linked to a fully integrated resource management system. This dynamic system tracks the progress of an order from the time it is placed until delivery, allowing customers to be informed by an Air Design team member on its progress.

Air Design’s manufacturing capability is being developed through a program of continuous improvement to meet the demands of developers, building owners and the HVAC industry.

World class facilities
Committed to innovation and improvement

Committed to innovation and improvement

The Air Design product development team deliver innovative Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units for the commercial HVAC market. This high quality and energy efficient plant equipment integrates technologies such as AHU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK casing construction and Electronically Commutated (EC) plug fans to optimise product performance.

All Air Design units are manufactured to exacting standards with quality being assured by rigorous checks prior to being despatched from the factory. This focus on quality is supported by a strong, collaborative staff culture throughout the organisation via a process of empowerment, education and training.

Inspired by Australia’s harsh climatic extremes, Air Design engineers are continually testing new technologies. This testing looks for ways to optimise the performance of their air handling units and explores designs that could make them more compact, more efficient and easier to maintain.

The Air Design team has developed the AHU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK case construction system. It is a modular, thermally broken aluminium frame that achieves both the highest degree of air tightness, rating “L1”, and the highest resistance to condensation, rating “TB1”, as defined in BS EN 1886:2007. Panels can be easily removed for maintenance of internal components without removing screws or fasteners.

The unique AHU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK fastening system ensures panels can be easily removed. Further innovations to the Air Design range include casing panels that have zero ozone depleting potential (0% ODP) and lifting eyes that improve a unit’s manoeuvrability on site.

Today, most Air Design air handling units are fitted with highly efficient fans with EC motors. They feature fully integrated, infinitely variable speed control, which can result in considerable energy savings being made. The EC fans are mounted on an internal wall structure that can reduce unit dimensions and therefore minimise the space needed for installation in plant rooms and ceilings.

Fantech offers expert advice and engineering support to help customers select the most efficient, most effective Air Handling Unit. The team combine their extensive product knowledge and application experience to provide customers with an optimal, Air Handling solution.

By combining innovative product design, technical expertise and proven performance, the Air Design product range is now extensively distributed throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

A dedicated network of air management specialists

Fantech has an extensive network of dedicated ventilation and air management specialists that are committed to providing exceptional customer service in every capital city and region of Australia and New Zealand.

The network consists of Fantech facilities as well as agents in northern and southern New South Wales, northern Queensland, Canberra and Tasmania. Fantech is also part of a broader international network Elta Group, a UK-based family business with operations in seven countries on four continents.

A dedicated network of air management specialists
AirLink Integrated VAV system

Energy Efficient Solutions

There is a growing need for products that help create comfortable indoor spaces while maintaining a healthy and productive working environment. At the same time, new government policies and the dramatic increase in energy costs have created greater demand for products and systems that utilize energy efficient technologies. These new demands are now being driven by architects, engineers and developers to create buildings that offer the optimal working conditions while saving energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Fantech is committed to developing innovative and energy efficient products and systems that are designed to optimise the indoor environment while lowering power consumption. More efficient, cost effective ventilation solutions that have lower energy requirements can lead to a reduction in a building’s running costs and have less environmental impact.

Most Air Design Air Handling Units have been developed to satisfy stringent demands for low energy consumption. Heating and Cooling Coils, casing panels, motors and fan units have all undergone extensive testing, both in the product development facility and out in the field, to ensure compliance with current and future demands for low energy consumption.

Air Design’s Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units are also a critical component of Fantech’s fully integrated VAV system called AirLink. The AirLink VAV system combines Fantech axial fans with VSDs, Rickard VAV diffusers, the Air Design range of AHUs and FCUs, and even pressure duct design. AirLink is a more adaptive VAV system that minimises energy consumption and can provide capital savings in almost all HVAC system designs. More detailed information on the AirLink VAV system is featured later in this catalogue.

Noteworthy performance

The high quality and superior performance of Air Design AHUs is sought after for many of the major commercial construction projects within Australia.

Past projects include the world famous Sydney Opera House; Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital that provides specialised care for hundreds of kids each year; and the Advanced Engineering Building at the University of Queensland which has been designed to connect students, researchers and industry.

More recent projects include the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, a world class clinical treatment, research and education facility; Mater Health/University of Queensland’s Whitty Building, a modern teaching facility in a heritage-listed building; the multi-million dollar upgrade of Darwin International Airport; and the state-of-the-art new Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia’s single largest infrastructure project.

The opportunity to be involved in such iconic projects comes from the company’s reputation amongst consulting engineers and mechanical contractors. They know Air Design will provide trusted service and support, focused expert advice, and high quality, reliable products for their air management requirements.

Noteworthy performance