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SM Series Horizontal - AC

Fan Coil Units with AC fan motors.
Up to 1,900 Litres/Sec.

The SM Series TM of Fan Coil Units is ideal for in-ceiling installations and include fans driven by AC single phase motors. Their quality 1.2mm galvanised metal casing is internally lined with 20mm polyethylene insulation foam to provide resistance to condensation.

Each side of the unit includes a sealed access panel. These units are available in 5 standard sizes with air flows from 200 to 1900 litres per second and come in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

  • Low profile galvanised casings with internally lined 20mm closed cell polyethylene insulation foam
  • Internal insulation foam is covered with a tough and durable aluminium foil to provide a clean and neat finish.
  • Available with AC single phase fan motors
  • High performance direct drive DWDI forward-curved fans
  • To minimise on-site installation time fan motors are pre-wired to a junction box
  • Chilled water cooling coils available with 4, 5 or 6 rows and 315, 394, 433 or 472 fins per metre
  • Hot water heating coils available with 1 or 2 rows and 315, 394, 433 or 472 fins/per metre
  • Combined maximum of 6 cooling and heating rows per unit
  • Range available in 5 sizes 200-1900L/sec
  • Available in horizontal or vertical configuration
  • Commercial applications including:
    • Shopping centres
    • Office buildings
    • Hotels
    • Health facilities
    • Schools and Universities

    Units are manufactured from 1.2mm galvanised sheet metal and are internally lined with 20mm polyethylene insulation foam. The insulation is covered with a tough aluminium foil.

    Each side of the unit includes a sealed access panel that enables inspection and cleaning. The condensate tray is manufactured from 1.0mm thick aluminium sheet.

    Fans are direct drive forward-curved centrifugal type with AC motors and are in a single or dual arrangement depending on the model size.

    High performance direct drive forward curved fans

    AC Configuration (SMA)

    • Single phase 240V, 50Hz motor
    • Three speed motor (one speed selectable
    • Thermal protection

    The fan coil units shall be of the SM Series as designed by Fantech and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule/drawings.

    Units shall be manufactured from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel, internally lined with 20mm closed cell polyethylene. Insulation foam shall be covered with a heavy duty, bonded non-perforated aluminium foil.

    Condensate Tray shall be aluminium 1.0mm thick.

    Water coils shall be 1/2” diameter copper tubes having 0.4mm wall thickness with sine wave pattern aluminium fins 0.12mm thick. Coil Frames shall be aluminium.

    Direct Drive Fans - shall be AC Motor configuration. Forward- curved centrifugal type statically and dynamically balanced. Fan motors shall be prewired to an external junction box

    Models *

    Model Number
    Air Flow
    (External) Pa
    (Total) kW
    (Sensible) kW
    (Total) kW
    Full Load

    SMA04-H 400 250 9.0 6.5 7.3 0.4 x 1 3.3 x 1 SMA04-H
    SMA07-H 700 250 17.0 11.9 15 0.4 x 1 3.6 x 1 SMA07-H
    SMA09-H 900 250 20.9 14.8 18.7 0.8 x 1 5.8 x 1 SMA09-H
    SMA14-H 1400 250 33.9 23.6 30 0.8 x 1 5.8 x 1 SMA14-H
    SMA19-H 1900 250 45.1 31.6 41.9 0.5 x 2 5.6 x 2 SMA19-H

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    *Air flow and coil performance are at 2.5m/s coil face velocity.
    Cooling capacities are based on 8 row 472fin/m coils with entering air conditions of 26/19°C and water temperatures of 6/12 °C.
    Heating capacities are based on 1 row 394fin/m coils with entering air at 12oC and water temperatures of 80/65 °C.
    Absorbed power, motor power and current (per fan x no of fans).
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