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SLIMtherm Series - Horizontal

Extra Low Profile Fan Coil Units with EC fan motors.
Up to 1,600 Litres/Sec.

The SLIMtherm TM range of Fan Coil Units combines the benefits of a quality double skin casing construction and an extra low profile design. Units are also available in vertical configurations.

SLIMtherm units with a horizontal configuration are designed to be hung within a ceiling void. The extra low profile design makes the horizontally configured SLIMtherm units an ideal solution for low ceiling height applications.

The units are constructed with 25mm thick insulated panels that are fitted with the revolutionary FCU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK fastening system. This airtight system includes a synthetic cord and aluminium capping that gives the unit a strong, rigid structure and allows the panels to be removed easily for maintenance and cleaning. The high quality modular casing construction achieves the highest degree of air tightness, rating “L1”, as defined in BS EN 1886:2007.

SLIMtherm units include high efficiency EC plug fans that can be controlled by MODBUS or 0-10V signal and run independently or integrated into most building management systems. The EC fans can be easily accessed for maintenance or replacement by removing an FCU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK side panel.

  • Extra low profile height from 410 to 540mm allows SLIMtherm to fit into limited ceiling spaces
  • High quality double skin Colorbond 25mm polyurethane FCU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK panels
  • Panels have zero ozone depleting potential (0% ODP)
  • High efficiency single phase EC plug fans with integrated speed control, current overload and motor phase protection, reverse polarity, locked rotor protection and soft starting
  • EC plug fan motors rated IP54
  • To minimise on-site installation time fan motors are pre-wired to a junction box
  • Chilled water cooling coils available with up to 6 rows
  • Hot water heating coils available with 1 or 2 rows
  • Combined maximum of 6 cooling and heating coil rows per unit
  • Drain tray manufactured from quality 304 grade stainless steel. Also available in 316 grade stainless steel
  • G4 filters provided as standard
  • Optional F8 filters with filter frames
Commercial applications including:
  • Shopping centres
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Health facilities
  • Schools and Universities

Units incorporate the unique FCU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK system where the removable casing panels clip into a continuous aluminium locking strip with an EPDM closed cell foam underseal. The locking strip is secured into position with a continuous synthetic cord, forming an airtight seal. Casing includes double skin, 25mm thick, polyurethane-filled removable panels. The unit case has a Class L1 leakage rating.

Each unit is pre-fitted with G4-rated, 25mm flat panel filters mounted on an external slide rail. The condensate tray is of a non-ponding design manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel. Units incorporate multiple, high efficiency single phase EC plug fans. The number of fans varies depending on the model.

  • EC motors are single phase 240V 50-60Hz
  • Bearings are sealed for life ball type
  • Integrated EC controller provides infinite speed control
  • IP54 rated

Integral thermal overload protection is supplied as standard.

Protection will not prevent fans from functioning in fire mode as required by AS/NZS1668.1:2015.

The Fan Coil Units shall be of the SLIMtherm series as designed by Fantech and be of the model numbers shown on the schedule drawing.

Units shall incorporate a modular, aluminium frame construction with double skin, 25mm thick, polyurethane filled panels that achieve the highest degree of air tightness rating “L1”, as defined in BS EN 1886:2007. Panels shall have zero ozone depleting potential (0% ODP).

Unit casings shall incorporate AHU CLIP ‘n’ LOCK removable panels that are sealed air tight by the use of a continuous clip in aluminium locking strip with a continuous EPDM closed cell foam underseal. The panels are locked into the strip with a continuous synthetic cord. The panels shall be removable without the need to remove screws or fasteners. Cooling and heating capacities and external static pressures shall be as shown on the schedule.

Units shall be complete with filter plenums with filter frames fitted. Filter plenums shall have the same construction as the Fan Coil Unit.

Fans shall be backward-curved, centrifugal type, driven by EC motors with an IP54 rating. Fan motors shall be pre-wired to an external terminal box.

Units shall use G4 or 50mm filters.

Models *

Model Number
Air Flow
(External) Pa
(Total) kW
(Sensible) kW
(Total) kW
Full Load

SLH-0300-FCO 299 250 7.3 5.1 5.9 0.5 x 1 2.4 x 1 SLH-0300-FCO
SLH-0490-FCO 493 250 11.7 8.2 10.6 0.5 x 1 2.4 x 1 SLH-0490-FCO
SLH-0680-FCO 686 250 17.2 11.8 15.1 0.5 x 2 2.3 x 2 SLH-0680-FCO
SLH-0880-FCO 880 250 21.6 14.9 19.7 0.5 x 2 2.3 x 2 SLH-0880-FCO
SLH-1070-FCO 1074 250 27.0 18.5 24.4 0.5 x 2 2.3 x 2 SLH-1070-FCO
SLH-1300-FCO 1320 250 31.5 22.0 29.6 0.5 x 3 2.3 x 3 SLH-1300-FCO
SLH-1600-FCO 1600 250 39.5 27.3 36.6 0.5 x 3 2.3 x 3 SLH-1600-FCO

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*Air flow and coil performance are at 2.5m/s coil face velocity.
Cooling capacities are based on 8 row 472fin/m coils with entering air conditions of 26/19°C and water temperatures of 6/12 °C.
Heating capacities are based on 1 row 394fin/m coils with entering air at 12oC and water temperatures of 80/65 °C.
Absorbed power, motor power and current (per fan x no of fans).
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