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Robert Anderson

Project Director,
Dewpoint Air (Brisbane)

Dewpoint Air commenced work as the D&C mechanical contractor on the refurbishment of 310 Ann Street Brisbane in November 2015, and has used Air Design’s MODUtherm air handling units across the building’s 15 office floors.

“Each floor is served by its own, gazetted AHU,” said Robert Anderson. “The plant rooms are very tight so access for servicing and maintenance was a consideration, and the Air Design units catered to our needs.”

The MODUtherm units were purpose-built and incorporate EC plug fans. These fans not only provide spatial savings, but also operate with fire mode at a pre-commissioned jog speed to meet the requirements set out in AS/NZS 1668.1.

Dewpoint Air conducted its own factory testing for air leakage, and “proved beyond a shadow of a doubt” the MODUtherm units were suitable for the pressures of the plug fans.

“Dealing with Mike Bradley and Air Design is a pleasure, and I’d work with those guys again any time,” said Robert Anderson.

310 Ann Street reached completion in mid-2017.

Robert Anderson Project Director

Joe Briguglio

DTG Mech Services (Queensland)

As one of the original 40 year old buildings at Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, Building 3 – Clinical Sciences still had its original air handling plant when DTG Mech Services were awarded the mechanical contracting tender for its refurbishment in October 2016.

DTG Mech Services selected Air Design’s MODUtherm air handling units (AHUs) to replace the original plant on all but one of the building’s five floors.

“MODUtherm had the right thermal rating, ticked all the boxes when it came to fan selections, met the performance criteria and spatially the units suited the installation very well,” said DTG Mech Services Director, Joe Briguglio.

With limited access to the plantrooms, MODUtherm was also selected for its ability to be disassembled in knockdown form, transported into the plantroom and reassembled in position.

“I’ve been using Air Design for over 20 years. They are customer-focused, timely in their response and the quality of their drawings is excellent. All in all, it was a dream job.”

Through the collaboration of DTG Mech Services and Air Design, the project was successfully completed on time in June 2017.

Joe Briguglio Director

Trevor Bracken

Project Manager,
AE Smith & Son (North Queensland)

Over the last few years, the Townsville Hospital has undergone significant redevelopment. The latest stage to reach completion is the Planned Procedure Centre (PPC), which enhances the community’s access to elective surgery.

Engaged as mechanical contractor on the project, AE Smith adopted the hospital’s specifications and installed Air Design air handling units across the project.

“The hospital certainly had a preference for Air Design equipment,” said Trevor Bracken.

“To achieve the duty and enable the units to fit in the available space within the plant room, Air Design offered EC motor fans (instead of belt-driven). Air Design was proactive, and gave us technical assistance to get this approved by the hospital.”

Air Design supplied two large MODUtherm preconditioners and three MODUtherm air handling units (AHUs) for the Planned Procedure Centre, as well as three fan coil units (FCUs). Through the collaboration of AE Smith and Air Design, the project reached practical completion in August 2016.

Trevor Bracken Project Manager

Bob Harris

Project Director,
D&E Air Conditioning (Melbourne)

D&E Air Conditioning began working on the mechanical services contract for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) in August 2012 and immediately contacted Elta group companies Fantech, Air Design and Airepure Australia. One of the benefits of working with the group is that we could set boundaries so that Air Design and Airepure worked together, thereby reducing the number of people we needed to deal with. The collaborative approach not only made better use of equipment and time, but ensured the job progressed smoothly.”

Air Design Air Handling Units were chosen for their quality and reliability and used throughout the whole facility for both clinical and research spaces including operating theatres and PC3 suites. Over 480 units were supplied which comprised MODUtherm and SM Series units of various configurations.

The job was challenging, but thanks to the collaboration of companies within the Elta Group, the HVAC component ran smoothly and was completed in time for the VCCC’s completion in June 2016.

Bob Harris Project Director